Toddler Room

Every child is born to bloom

Within this room, our 2-year-olds begin to really shine. Their confidence grows, their character flourishes and we are lucky to really see their personalities develop as they start their journey to independence.

Toddler room
Our Toddler room caters for children from their second birthday for approximately 12 months.

Our room can accommodate for 20 children, with its own garden space and nappy/bathroom area.

Toddler Room Environment

The open room allows children to freely access all of the environment and learning opportunities within each zone. Children love stacking foam bricks in the construction area, making dinner in the home corner, reading books and engaging in messy play and sensory activities.

Children begin to explore maths through jigsaws and sorting objects.
At this stage children begin to establish daily routines.
Toddler room curriculum
We recognise that children's learning and development requires a progressive and sequenced curriculum that is bespoke, exciting and challenging, as children develop at their own pace.

In Toddler room, children are beginning to find their own voice as their confidence increases. New experiences allow children to broaden their knowledge and skills in the four specific areas whilst continuing to enhance the three prime areas.

Sleeping in the Toddler room

Our children in Toddlers have moved away from cots and pushchairs and now use foam sleep mats. 

Our staff have experience in helping children find the right way to settle and soothe. 
Toddler Team
The ratio in our Toddler team is 1:4 and on occasion; ensuring the needs of the children are met; it may be 1:5.

Our fantastic team have a diverse eductional background with specialisms in special educational need and qualifications ranging from NVQs to degrees and qualified teacher status.
Toddler Garden
Our toddler garden provides a variety of opportunities from balance beams to large stacking shapes. Children can get messy in the mud kitchen and create music with the hanging pots and pans.

'Children benefit from an exciting range of activities that they readily join in with'

Following our Ofsted inspection in January 2023, we are really pleased to announce we have received an overall Good rating at Wren Day Nursery
Quality Care, Budget-Friendly: A Parent's Trusted Choice

Affordable Childcare Childcare

As parents/carers you may be able to order childcare vouchers from your employers as part of your salary. By choosing to receive a proportion of your salary in childcare vouchers, you could save as much as £2,134.00 pa on the cost of your childcare. This is because childcare vouchers are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance Contributions, up to a limit of £243.00 per parent/carer per month. Ask your employer which voucher scheme they use; it may be Busy Bees, Accor, Parent Bond, Care 4 or their own scheme.

Let us know at Wren who you will be using, and we can give you their telephone number and our Nursery ID. Once they are set up they are easy to use and very popular.

You may wish to alternatively set up your Tax Free Childcare account; Tax-Free Childcare is an online government service for parents to make payments to their childcare providers. For every £8 a parent pays into their Childcare account, they'll add an extra £2 to your Childcare Account.

Parents can then use that money to make childcare payments direct to their childcare provider's bank account.

How to access the service

Go to

Funding is available for some 2 year old children (if they meet the criteria) and for 3 and 4 year olds for up to 1140 hours a year.

Wren offers the '30 hrs' extended entitlement, for those eligible this can be taken as up to 24 hours per week over 47.5 weeks of the year.
Further information can be found at

Please contact us directly for information on our Pre-school funding policy.

Wren Day Nursery

If you are looking for a nursery, Wren is perfectly situated in the heart of Warwickshire, easily accessible for those living locally or commuting from other catchment areas. Catering for all children aged 6 weeks to 5 years.

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